Anomaly / Mission Day – Albuquerque 2019

Where to park

All Parking:
  • DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CARS. No automobile in Albuquerque is safe from burglars. This includes insurance and registration papers. If you must leave items in your vehicle during the day, have them in the trunk of the car when you arrive, and park somewhere with lots eyeballs. Paying a little extra for parking is a bargain if it means not having all your gear stolen.
Free Parking:
  • All street parking at meters is free on Sundays (aka, Saturday 18:00 to Monday 08:00). There is always free parking near Old Town around Tiguex Park and in the parking structure at 20th and Mountain. Please understand that Old Town is a 30 minute walk; 10 minute bike ride; 5 minute drive to the Anomaly play area.
Street Parking:
  • Most street parking is metered and you must pay between 08:00 and 18:00 everyday, EXCEPT Sundays. Street parking has a TWO or THREE HOUR maximum and costs $0.25 every 15 minutes ($1 per hour).
Convention Center:
  • Parking cost is $8 per day (NO IN AND OUT) ($6 if there is a special event), BUT: (don’t tell them we told you this), they don’t keep track of who has parked overnight. If you don’t need your car you could (in theory) leave it there all weekend for $6. But I have not verified this intel.
  • From Broadway turn west on Marquette (Dr Martin Luther King Jr), and keep left to access the parking garage. If the attendant is there, pay him the $6. If the attendant is not there, park and pay the automated parking pay machine at the entrance to the Convention Center upper level. BONUS: This entrance will take you to the Tijeras Room of the East Complex of the Convention Center, where you need to register with Niantic for the Anomaly, either Friday night or Saturday morning.
  • If you try and exit the parking garage at an odd hour, and the gate arm does not lift, use the push button on the call box to inform the Convention Center personnel that the gate is not working.
Civic Plaza:
  • There is a parking garage under Civic Plaza. The entrance is on Marquette between 3rd and 4th. Parking cost is $1 per 1/2 hour, with an $8 max fee per day (NO IN AND OUT UNLESS:).
    • If you are staying at the DoubleTree, their parking fee includes in and out access to this parking garage, show the attendant your room key.
Very Special Arts Garage:
  • Another city garage, accessed via Copper between 4th and 5th. $1 per 1/2 hour, $8 max per day. This garage is slightly further away from DoubleTree, but closer to Central Ave bars and restaurants, and seems to have a more visible security presence.
DoubleTree Hotel:
  • DoubleTree charges $15(?) per day for parking. You can park at the hotel (limited spaces) or at Civic Plaza. Hint: It is cheaper to pay the Civic Plaza garage directly.
Private Parking Companies:
  • Various lots are scattered about that are owned by private companies.  These have self service pay boxes and you will be booted or towed if you do not pay.  Examples are 702 1st St NW, 611 Marquette Ave NW.  Please follow the parking directions carefully. 

Contact ELKookooee if you have any questions.